Growing vegetables in containers and flower pots

Vegetables can grow in flower pots or containers. For this form of cultivation, which is a little more challenging than growing vegetables in beds, decide only if you are not able to arrange a vegetable garden. Pots and containers can be placed on balconies, terraces and window sills.

The best vegetables for containers and flower pots are robust and fast-growing vegetables: radishes, lettuce, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, dwarf beans, and some other dwarf vegetables. Pots and containers are not suitable for high growing vegetables, vegetables with deep roots, vegetables that need long time to be harvested and vegetables that need a lot of fertilizer.

Containers should be deep and wide enough. Generally higher and wider the container is, more soil can be put in it, better is for plants. We should use larger containers and pots for vegetables that develop rich green parts. This way we prevent them turning over by slightest breeze. It is recommended that the containers are at least 20 to 25 cm deep.

Soil can be prepared by mixing garden soil with compost and some sand or peat. Soil should allow water to run through but maintain moisture. At the bottom of containers or pots should be small hole (up to 1  cm in diameter) covered with stone or potsherd.

When growing vegetables in containers we need to pay attention to the heat and lack of water. In hot and windy days, water evaporates much faster and the soil may dry out. Excessive temperature is not working positive for plants, so the container should be moved into the shade in hot summer days. Soil moisture should be checked everyday. We should water in the early morning or late evening when the soil has cooled down. Do not water with cold tap water, but use rainwater. If this is not possible, put water into watering can in the evening and water vegetables in the morning when the water temperature is equal to the air temperature.