Herbs are plants that contain flavoring substances such as essential oils and healthy substances. They are used in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. According to experts, about 20.000 plant species contain a variety of healthy substances. Only about 500 were studied by now. 

Aromatic herbs are commonly used in cooking as spices. Their aromas enhance or alter the taste of food. Herbs that contain different healthy substances are used in pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of medicines and other medical products. Many of these herbs contain toxic compounds so we have to handle them with care. Herbs containing essential oils are used in cosmetic industry for the manufacture of different perfumes.

Herbs have useful agents in different parts. In the garden, we usually grow those herbs that have useful agents in leaves, stems and flowers and only exceptionally those which have them in seeds and roots.

Herb gardens are usually full of aromatic and odor plants. Odor of herbs is differently strong and composed of different chemical substances. Herbs can constantly emit odor and we can smell them at a distance. Other herbs release odors when touched.