Herbal garden

Herbal gardenTo plant part of the garden with herbs and create herbal garden has many practical benefits as well as aesthetic. Herbs themselves are interesting plants to look at and many of them emit scent, which makes garden even more attractive.

The main benefit that we may have from herbs is their usefulness at preparing food. We can also use them to make tea, creams, soaps and other useful products. Home garden can provide us with fresh organically grown herbs through the year. We can dry or store them in some other way to use them through winter.

Herbs can be planted in the dedicated area of garden and thus making a real herb garden. Different forms can be planted and different herbs be combined to create different patterns. Herbs can be also planted in the vegetable garden among other vegetables. They will enrich vegetable beds with their color and shape and protect them against diseases and pests. Because of that, they are essential in every organic garden.

Herbs should not be missing in any real domestic garden. They should be planted as close to the kitchen as possible so the cook will not have to walk far when he will need fresh herbs. If you live in a city and do not have garden, you can arrange a small herbal garden on the balcony in a flower containers. Herbs can be also grown in flower pots on the inside window shelf.