Ornamental garden

Ornamental gardenThe garden around the house is typically divided into useful and decorative or ornamental garden. Useful garden is intended for production of vegetables and fruits, while the ornamental garden is dedicated to the enjoyment in the beauty of plants, greenery and to show skills of amateur gardener. Since vegetables and fruit plants are full of beauty of nature, some very skilful gardeners combine vegetables with ornamental plants to blur border between useful and ornamental garden.

Ornamental garden is the pride of every house. It reflects the owner and gardener. In the ornamental garden is shown ability and imagination of the gardener. Different combinations of plants in different garden styles can express the beauty of nature that surrounds us. The main role in the garden have plants or various design elements. Owner's or gardener's choice is, what will have the main role.

Ornamental garden can be formed in accordance with any of garden styles. In doing so, it makes sense to keep to the rules of each garden style so the garden will not become a kind of semi-finished work. If you have enough imagination and do not want to be subordinated to the rules of the individual garden styles, you can design garden completely free. Your imagination should be free, while including a variety of garden elements which should be combined harmoniously. For ornamental garden is harmony very important.

Ornamental garden should have a touch of the family garden. If you do not want to have family garden, then at least part of the garden should be for the family so that we can use it to socialize and enjoy it without causing any major damage. Often owners of the garden put in it their souls and love. They carefully nurture plants so that the garden is constantly looking as good as possible. Visiting friends or relatives, especially if they have children, can leave negative impact in it. Therefore, it is appropriate that at least a part of the garden is intended for visitors and other parts are not accessible to them.

Ornamental gardens are visually similar to parks. Parks are usually very nicely decorated and each plant and each element has a precise location. Such gardens can be very beautiful and reflect the effort gardener, but they often lack familiarity. The garden that is not perfect is more friendly and familiar. Too perfect gardens are too sterile to be enjoyable. Walking through them is like visiting shops with porcelain dolls. You must be constantly careful to avoid damaging anything.