Fruit garden

kaki fruitFeelings that you have when you bite into a fresh apple, which has grown and matured in the home garden, is extremely pleasant for every amateur gardener and fruit growers. This apple may not be as shiny as apple you can buy in store, but certainly we know exactly how it was grown and what kind of love we gave to it.

In the past, all farms and houses in rural areas and a large part of houses in the cities had their own orchard, where they grew fruits. Over time, domestic production of fruit shrank, which can be attributed to a large extent to the complexity of production and a wide assortment of different fruits at farmers' markets and stores. The size of gardens was reduce and today only a few gardens are big enough to allow the creation of a true orchard.

Today we have fruit gardens, which are part of domestic garden where is place for fruit trees and shrubs that are combined with other plants. A small number of trees and unsophisticated choice of varieties allows us a production of small quantities of domestic fruit. Quantities vary from year to year and depend on the situation and the skills of fruit growers.