Maintenance of garden furniture

Garden furniture is exposed to various weather factors that affect it negatively, as well as various impurities from the air, which stick on furniture. Garden furniture should be cleaned and maintained regularly to remain useful and maintain its beauty.

Wooden garden furniture

Wood is a beautiful material, which is destroyed by moisture. In places where water stays, it begins to slowly decay (rot). Therefore, for garden furniture are commonly used tree species with hard wood and wood which contains various protective substances. Most commonly is used wood of oak, chestnut, larch, black locust and of some tropical species.

If we leave wooden furniture unprotected, then it will change color from brown (or other natural wood color) to grey. Grey is the natural color of dead wood that is exposed to the sun. To keep the original color of the wood, it must be adequately protected with oil or varnish. Every year at the end of the season the wood should be cleaned with a soft brush and soapy water. If it is very dirty, then use a mild detergent, which is you applie with a cloth.

Metal garden furniture

Metal garden furniture does not need much maintenance. Each year we check for possible cracks in protection to prevent rust to form. If the furniture is made of aluminum, these checks are not necessary. At the end of the season we remove dirt with a damp cloth and cleaner.

Plastic garden furniture

Garden furniture made of plastic should be annually thoroughly cleaned. Wipe it with a wet cloth and use cleaner for plastics if dirt is stubborn. It can also be cleaned with a steam cleaner.

Garden furniture made of stone

Stone garden furniture is very resistant, but at the time it collects dirt. Therefore it should be every now and then cleaned. It is easy to clean polished stone. Use a cloth and cleaner for stone. Regular cleaning maintain luster and beauty of the stone. Always use specialized cleaners. On limestone should not be used cleaners on the acidic basis because they will damage the stone. To clean polished stone use soft brushes.