Garden table

garden table with chairsGarden table is the main piece of garden furniture in the family garden. It is the central and most important element of the garden. Around the table, the family gathers for summer lunches during days off. It is also a central place for garden parties.

Garden tables are most commonly rectangular or round, and different sizes. When deciding to buy a table, consider how many people will usually use it. We must consider the need for all family members to find a place at the table and to provide some space for guests. Thus, in the case of a family of four makes sense to buy a table that provides comfortable seating for six.

Tables can be made of wood, metal, plastic or stone. Manufacturers may combine various materials. The most durable is stone table, which is insensitive to weather conditions. Its disadvantage is the weight. Usually when we place stone table in the garden, we do not move it any more. Wooden tables need to be made of durable and hard wood to counter different weather conditions. Wooden tables are easier  to move, but need regular maintenance. Metal tables are undemanding regarding maintenance. Tables made of plastic are easy to move around, but they are often lower quality. Some manufacturers combine different materials to take advantage of the best properties of each material.

Garden table finds its place on the terrace or on the flat part of the garden, which is not too far from the house. Floor around the table should be strengthened. If this is not the terrace with brick or wooden flooring, it is best to pave the ground with stone slabs, concrete or in any other way. Around the table should be enough space for chairs. On each side at least 1.5 m, but if the table is round, even more.