Garden playground

For children garden represent a large playground. When planning family garden we should consider creating some space for them, otherwise they will inadvertently cause damage to flower beds and shrubs.

There are many different playground toys on the market. You can choose between slides, houses, swings and more. Choose those toys that are most appropriate for the age of your children. Market is dominated by plastic playthings that are easier to move and maintain. Wooden playthings are more beautiful and, as wood is natural material, do not stand out. The disadvantage is that they may require more maintenance.

On the playground grass will slowly die because of  children walking and running over and over on the same spots. You can sow more resistant varieties of grass or put artificial grass or rubber carpet.

Sandbox is an interesting and children will spend hours and hours in it. You can make it by yourself from wooden frame, which is placed on the ground. Sand for sandboxes can be purchased in specialized shops. It is important that the sandbox is protected from cats with strong cover. Cats see a sandbox as a large toilet.