Garden kitchen

Garden kitchen is for all cooking enthusiasts who want to spend warm and sunny days out in the garden instead in the kitchen. Garden kitchen provides the chef with basics: work surface, liquid water and the possibility of cooking or baking food.

There are different implementations of garden kitchen. The most basic version is a combination of worktop, sink and grill that can be placed anywhere in the garden. To some extent, such garden kitchen is portable as we only need a garden hose to provide water supply.

Garden kitchens are usually built. The individual elements are built into concrete or stone frame. At the edge of the terrace, at the wall of the house or at another suitable location we can place stone worktop with sink and grill. This will make preparing food for grill more straightforward. This type of garden kitchen does not need protection from the rain. However, if you install a gas or electric stove and oven, you should protect the kitchen from the weather. Above all, we must be careful to protect the wiring from water. We can make a larger roof or build small house, which is on one side completely open (or can be opened), so there is a direct link between garden table and garden kitchen. In such a kitchen can also be mounted cabinets for storing pots, spices and other gadgets. It is not recommended to store food in garden kitchen as it will attract wildlife.

In a large kitchen garden should be a place for a refrigerator. In it we can store food before it will be used. Practicality of refrigerator will be proved in the summer heat. The most commonly is refrigerator used for cooling drinks. Refrigerator should be placed in the shade. Also makes sens to have garden kitchen in the shade, so the cook will not be on the sun where will be uncomfortable hot.

Garden kitchen is not only suitable for lunches outdoors, but it can be also used for preparation of dishes that emit strong odors during cooking. In the autumn we can prepare jams, juices and other home canning. If the kitchen is properly designed, it will be easy to clean.