Garden grill

Garden grillFor lovers of socializing in the garden at good food, garden grill is mandatory component of the garden. On grill we can prepare delicious food, grilled on an open fire or over charcoal. Food prepared this way has a different taste.

Preparing food on the grill in the garden is a ritual that involves family members or friends. It is a social event where in a relaxed atmosphere food is prepared. The chef is not relegated to the kitchen, but can socialize with others during food preparation.

If we have garden big enough and we often prepare food on the grill it is the best choice to build concrete, stone or brick garden grill. It can be build on the edge of the terrace or elsewhere in the vicinity of the table. Built garden grills are resistant to different weather conditions. We can choose between small grills, having only a fireplace, or higher which also have chimney and shelf. The biggest grills can be part of the garden kitchen. We should choose grill that will be in harmony with the garden. On built garden grill we can grill over fire or over charcoal. Cleaning is easy. Regularly remove ashes and cleaned the grate.

Portable grill is smaller than built garden grill, its main feature is that it is easy to move and is ready for grilling very quickly. Portable garden grills are rectangular or round shapes. Source of heat is provided by burning charcoal. Some models have a lid, which allows the retention of heat and thus faster grilling. Portable grills are designed primarily for those who do not have enough space to build garden grill or prepare food on the grill occasionally. The advantage is that you can take it with you on a picnic or on vacation and you can use it on the balcony.

Gas grill is easy to use and does not cause smoke, which is typical for a grill prepared with charcoal or wood. Heat is provided by gas flame, which can heat stone or metal plate. Some models have a flaming rocks that are heated and emit heat that grills food on the grid. A large part of the gas grills have a lid, which covers the food. In this way some gas is saved and food is less dry. Gas grill is easy to move and store. The disadvantage is that we must always have available gas cylinder and the food does not have distinctive flavor contributed by the smoke.

Table grill is suitable solution especially for those who only have a balcony or small terrace. As an energy source is used electricity, which heats a stone or metal plate, on which food is grilled. Preparing is quick and easy, as it is put on the table, it is also easy to clean - wash the plate in the dishwasher.

If you decide to build garden grill or a portable charcoal barbecue, it is important to consider the impact on neighbors. In preparing the barbecue smoke is released which can be problematic for neighbors.