Garden chairs

lawn chairsGarden chairs are most commonly used along with garden table on the terrace or elsewhere in the garden. They are more comfortable to sit on than garden benches and are easier to move. They can be used alone as sun loungers or recliners.

There are many different garden chairs on the market to choose from. You can choose between wooden, metal and plastic chairs. Some manufacturers combine different materials. There are collapsible and non-collapsible garden chairs. If you are frequently moving chairs, then are more practical collapsible chairs. These chairs are best suited for small terraces or balconies. The easiest to carry and maintain are chairs made of plastic materials and aluminum. Other metal chairs are heavy and wooden chairs require more maintenance. However, the appearance of metal and wooden chairs is usually nicer. When buying, be careful to match the style of chairs with table and garden. Chairs are designed for sitting, so check how comfortable they are before buying. Beautiful chairs that can be design surplus are completely useless if they do not provide comfortable sitting.

Garden chairs with table

When installing chairs and a table in the garden or terrace, we should provide enough space that we do not feel cramped and we will not have problems by use. For a table with chairs for 6 people we need at least 10 square meters of space. In doing so, we have to consider that it is necessary to have around a rectangular table on each side at least 1,5 meters of free space for chairs. Around round table we need even more space.

Lawn chairs and loungers can be installed independently in the garden. We use them for rest and relaxation, reading, sunbathing etc. Place them so that we have a sense of privacy. The back side should be obscured by vegetation or fence. You can also plant on the left and right side high perennials that will create a "secret" corner. If the chair is facing an interesting garden motif, this will be a great place for relaxing, reading or casual conversation with a partner if we put together loungers.

When choosing lawn chairs pay attention to durability. These chairs will be outside whole time with exception of the winter, so they must be resistant to various weather conditions. Wooden chairs should be made of hard and durable wood and protected with a suitable coating, metal chairs should be well protected with paint or varnish.