Garden benches

woodn garden benchIn gardens we use two types of benches, which differ in layout and purpose. These are garden benches to sit on and benches to use with garden table.

Benches at the garden table are rarely used because sitting on them for a long time at meal is less comfortable, and sitting and getting up is more complicated. Most of them are wooden benches, but they can be made out of stone if we have stone garden table. Table with benches for 6 people should have at least 10 square meters of space. Around the table should be at least 1,5 meter of free space. For parties are often used folding garden tables and benches. These benches are less stable and usually do not have backrest. This is temporary solution that does not allow longer comfortable sitting.

Garden benches for sitting should be placed on different parts of the garden on a sunny or shady place. The bench can be at the wall of the house where in the early spring is set to direct sunlight, or in a hidden corner of the garden. Very suitable place is area from which is a beautiful view of the garden, individual garden motif or on near and distant surroundings. A suitable location is also at the pond. The bench should not, if possible, facing south. Looking toward sun will blind us.

garden bench

Bench should be placed in such way, that behind the bench is wall or green wall made of plants.  This will give us sense of privacy and protection from wind. The bench should be on the cobblestone floor or on the ground, strewn with sand. The path that leads to the bench should be at an angle. Around the benches should be planted perennials and higher ornamental shrubs.

Suitable length of the bench is about 2 meters. Height of sitting part should be around 40 centimeters and depth of about 50 centimeters. The amount of restraint should be at least 35 cm. Garden benches are most often made of wood or combination of wood - metal or wood - concrete. Metal or concrete are legs and the handles, while the seating part and backrest is wooden. Benches can also be stony, but they are slightly less comfortable for sitting, as they are cold. If we use pillows sitting is more comfortable. Wood should be tough and durable or well-protected. Wood should be painted in natural colors or other colors that match with the image of the garden and the house. It is important that all the benches in the garden are of the same color and monochromatic.

garden bench on stone wall

If we have low stone or brick walls, where is possible to sit, then we can turn them into a simple benches. We mount wooden seating part on the wall. Thus making an interesting spot for sitting.

Sitting on a wooden, stone and metal benches can become uncomfortable. To make sitting more comfortable, we can use pillows of different sizes.