Garden furniture

garden table with chairsThe garden is more pleasant if we can sit on comfortable chair or lie down in shadow. Summer lunches in the shade of the trees are much more pleasant than in the dining room, which is too warm or cooled with air-conditioning. A real family garden without proper furniture is not imaginable.

Which furniture will be placed in the garden, depends on the size of the garden and the expectations that we have in relation to the garden. The most important piece of furniture is definitely garden bench. It's hard to imagine a garden without at least one bench where you can sit in the shade (or in the warm sun) and observe the garden. Even deckchair to relax, sunbathe or read can be very inviting. Every family garden has a patio or other areas where garden table with chairs is. Sunday lunches in the shade of a large lime tree or on the terrace create perfect end or beginning of the week. If we have garden kitchen, we can prepare the entire lunch outdoors.

Garden furniture should match the garden style and should not be too prominent. Intimate nooks for relaxation should have benches in colors that are compatible with color of plants. Most common materials for garden furniture are wood and metal. We should choose furniture made of artificial materials only if it is really high quality manufactured. Stone furniture is for those who like something different. Stone is usually used for garden tables and benches. Furniture can be made from different materials and often are combined wood and metal.

Wooden garden furniture can be placed in almost any garden. It works well in a rustic garden and romantic garden. It  needs regular maintenance and requires enough storage space. When buying choose furniture from harder wood which is more durable. Furniture made of plastic materials is in various forms and colors. Since it is very light, it is easy to move. Garden furniture made of artificial materials works well only in gardens in the modern garden style. Metal garden furniture is suitable for classical and formal gardens. It can be painted in different colors or varnished to show natural color of metal. Metal furniture is robust and insensitive, but it is difficult to move because of weight. Stone furniture is heaviest furniture. Once we put in the garden, we do not move it anymore if it is really not necessary.

Garden furniture should be regularly maintained, as is usually exposed to weather. Wooden furniture should be regularly lubricated with protective oils or colors to prevent decay. Metal furniture should be regularly checked for rust. Plastic furniture is resistant to water, but if it is not made of suitable materials, it can decompose due to the effect of Sun's UV radiation.