Arbour or garden pavilion

garden pavilion in Berlin botanical gardenIn the past, garden pavilions were integral part of every garden and owners competed among themselves whose was more beautiful. What followed was a period when pavilions were not built. However, today are becoming more common element in gardens.

Garden pavilion is some kind of a small house with solid roof open walls and without doors. The walls can be completely missing or are halfway open. They are usually of round or hexagonal shape. The roof is covered with tiled roofing, shingles, straw or other similar coverings. For the construction is the most commonly used wood, but also metal elements. Garden pavilion is placed on a concrete foundation slab. If you do not want to carry out major construction works then supporting elements can be placed on the metal brackets that are on concrete foundations. The ground can be paved with stone slabs, concrete paving, wood or sandy. Special feeling is provided by bark floors.

Pillars and walls are suited for variety of climbing plants that will completely overgrow the pavilion. Some versions do not have solid roof, but only open construction which is overgrown by climbing plants. This arbor will not protect us from the rain.

In garden pavilion is place for garden table and chairs. The roof protects us from the rain, so that we can hang out in the garden in case of bad weather. Pavilion is a romantic part of the garden.