Patio or terrace is link between the house and the garden. It is a living room outdoors used in warm and sunny days. Terrace is normally open, but it can be glazed as a conservatory. The most common is open patio, where we put a table and chairs. If patio is larger then we can put other furniture too.

The patio is usually located on the west or southwest side of the building. We can get to it through the door from the living room. Living room may have large windows through which we can observe happenings on the terrace and the garden. Patio should be at the same level as the garden and living area. If the garden is slightly lower, it is reasonable to make terrace slightly larger. Transition between the terrace and garden on the lower level should be continuous and seamless, so that on the terrace we do not have feeling that we are separated from the rest of the garden.

garden terace with garden fireplace

Because the terrace is on the sunny side of the house, it can be too hot on it in warm sunny summer days. We can use sunscreen or awning, which opens when the sun is too strong. A good solution is also a pergola. We can plant vines or other climbing plants around pergola and they will protect us with leaves from direct sunlight. We can build roof over terrace that will protect us from rain, but we will not have sense of openness. A good solution is a larger tree in front of the terrace. In doing so, we have to be careful if terrace has basement or garage, because roots can damage walls.

Terrace should have hard floor. Since the terrace is closely related to the living room, we will probably walk on it in slippers. Therefore, the floor should be solid and easy to clean. For flooring can be used slabs of natural stone, ceramic tiles, clinker, pavers and brick. Wooden coverings are useful, but they will be slippery in wet weather. It is important that the selected floor covering is resistant to frost if we live in parts where temperatures go below freezing point.

On the terrace we place different garden furniture. Most common are garden table and garden chairs, but if the terrace is larger, you can install a garden kitchen and barbecue. The most universal is wooden garden furniture that fits in almost any terrace, but you can also use metal, stone and wicker furniture. Terrace equipment should be in selected garden style.

Terrace is enhanced with various decorative elements. Good choice are various terracotta pots in which we plant different pants. We can put small statue in the corner and plant some plants around it.

Garden terrace in the middle of a garden

Garden terrace should have electrical connector and electrical lighting. Lights can be directed only on a table or discreetly placed on the edges of the terrace between vegetation and provide mysterious lighting.

If you have a large terrace, you can create small water motif. The murmur of water will have a positive effect on well-being. If we have enough space in the garden, the terrace can be at edge of pond or part od a natural swimming pool.

Garden terrace is intended for socializing and enjoyment. It is a place for family lunches and garden parties with friends. Here you can also rest, read and relax. It should be arranges accordingly, so the family members can enjoy.