Nooks for relaxation

garden nook with benchThe main seating area in the garden is a garden terrace or garden table with chairs that is placed in center of garden. This is place for family members and their friends to socialize. You should create sitting nooks through the garden where you can enjoy the peace and beauty of nature. Bench or chair in the nook, surrounded by vegetation will help you to dive in the book's that you are reading  author's magical imagination. Sitting at a bench is very relaxing when we hear only wind and birds.

Nooks for relaxing should be created at various interesting garden motifs. Place a garden bench or chair opposite motif, but not directly toward south so the sun will not disturb us. On the back side make the protection of vegetation that will protect from the wind and give sense of security. If you want to enjoy complete privacy, then plant vegetation on all sides.

Benches or chairs and a small table can also be installed under an interesting tree. If you have an old cherry tree, sitting underneath is always a pleasant experience even more enjoyable, at the time of its flowering and ripening sweet cherries.

Benches can be placed against the wall of the house on the south, west or east side. This will create perfect sunbathing nook in spring and autmn. If we have an interesting shrub or roses in front of the bench, the nook will be even more interesting.