Garden gates

Gates are entrance to the garden and they make first impression of the garden and its owners. They are element of garden visitor first encounter and can attract or drive away visitors. Gates are transition between public and private. Garden gates or garden entrance reflects the character of the owner, so we must give them special attention when designing. They should be designed in accordance with the image of the garden.

Garden doors should be designed in a way to be fit for their purpose. If it is a driveway for cars, then should be large enough for easy driving. Doors are usually pretty loaded, so they should be strong enough. Gates should be attached on stable pillars that are strong enough to bear their weight. Their width should be at least 1.5 meters, to allow comfortable entry of the two people in parallel, or a person who pushes the bicycle.

Gates should be designed in style that goes with the fence. Forged iron gates are suitable for stone, brick and iron fence. Wooden doors are good for masonry fence, but poor choice are metal door with wooden fence. Hedges are suitable for metal or wooden gates.