Elements of design

wooden garden pathGarden, where plants have the only role can be very beautiful and interesting, but it will not have a distinct character. Plants are beautiful by themselves and change over the years, and with them also changes the garden. Only different elements of design give the garden some continuity and stability and create more pronounced character.

With a variety elements of design we can make garden more useful and enjoyable. We can build garden hut in which we store garden tools, create pavilion, where we will spend pleasant hours, or build terrace with a roof sot we can eat outdoors at warm rainy days.

Do not forget the elements that forge garden, protect it and enable us to move within the garden. These are fences, paths, gates and stairs. Each of these elements has its rules and peculiarities that we should consider when designing a garden. The main feature is that most of these elements can not be moved or their movement is associated with larger (constructing) works.