Planting in conservatory

At planting we must keep in mind, that conservatory does not allow free development of roots. Plants grow in different sizes of planters or pots. We must consider size of planters and pots according to plants need of root space. Usually larger plants need larger pots.

Plants can be planted into flower pots, planters and floor beds.

Flower containers and pots are very useful for plants that we need to move around (to the garden in summer). They must be large enough to allow plants to develop roots and heavy enough not to be knocked over by light breeze. Pots and containers must be at least 2,5 cm wider as old pots. Plants should be planted in new pots when roots start to grow outside the pot. Pots and containers for plants can be of different shapes, sizes and materials. It is important, that they have hole big enough to allow water to flow out. Clay (terracotta) and plastic pots and containers are used mostly.

Planters are larger than pots and containers. When they are full of soil, they cannot be moved any more. They are useful for bigger plants that need more space for roots and for making plant beds. Planters can be made of clay, concrete and wood. Wood planters must be protected from moisture in the soil with a foil. Best choice is foil for ponds which is robust enough not too allow roots to get through. At the bottom of planter should be 5 to 10 cm of drainage.

Floor beds should be planned together with conservatory construction as foundations and floor plate must be adapted. Floor beds must be at least 50 cm deep and have good water insulation. There should be at least 10 cm of drainage at the bottom of floor beds.


Soil for planting must to be suited to plants. Soil in pots and containers can be changed at transplantation. It is more complicated to change soil in planters and floor beds. Therefore we prepare for planters and floor beds special soil consisted from approximately 60 % of garden soil, 30 % of compost and 10 % of sand.

Some special plant groups need special soil. Cacti need sandy soil which doesn't hold water. Acidophilic plants need acid soil mix.

Purchasing plants

When shopping for plants it is very useful to bring along list of plants that we have prepared in advance. This way we will not be buying plants that catch our eye, but plants that we really need. We should buy plants that are suitable for our type and sort of conservatory. Plants should also have similar needs. We cannot put together cacti and ferns. They have different needs and we won't be able to provide suitable conditions.

It is important to buy only plants that are healthy, undamaged and still have enough root place in the pot. We should buy plants only in nurseries and specialized stores where they can provide proper conditions for them. We should avoid those, where plants are stored in drafty and cold places. This is especially important by more expensive plants. We should check every plant carefully before purchasing for potential pests and diseases.