Plant planning for conservatory

If we are creating new conservatory, we can plan planting immediately after plan for construction is finished. Although we can wait until construction is built, this way more time to think about plants will be availabe.

Choice of plants is large. We should decide which type and sort of winter garden we will have. We can choose among fast growing plants, that need a lot of space and slowly growing which do not. We must keep in mind at this, that quickly growing kinds will fill in available space quickly. With fast growing plants conservatory will become rich green oasis faster. But we must understand that fast growing plants need more pruning and nursing. On the other hand, with slow growing plants is less work, but it will take longer to become green oasis.

For framework we choose so called leading plants. These are plants, that grow bigger, have more interesting leaves or are of interesting colours. Number of leading plants depends on size of conservatory. One or two of them will be enough for small conservatories. Palms are one type of leading plants which can be used.

Attendant plants fill in space among leading plants. They are smaller and bring life to a place. We should plant them in larger number under leading plants. Choice of appropriate plants is large. Many of them are used as potted plants in apartments and houses.

Under attendant plants is place for small plants that cover soil. We can use different small perennials or annuals.

We must leave enough space between plants allowing them to grow freely. In the beginning winter garden will look a bit empty as plants will not be big enough. Solution to this is to buy bigger and more expensive plants but we must understand that a lot of pruning will be needed later. It is better to accept, that plants will grow with years. Therefore correctly planned conservatory works a bit empty in the beginning.

Special challenge is to plan conservatory, that imitates chosen life environments: desert, tropic forest, Mediterranean etc. We are limited at choice of plants, because we can combine only those plants, that grow in the same environment. If we have larger conservatory, we can make more different environments.