Interior design

Conservatory is small part of nature in our home. It is important to plan and design it in such a way that we will enjoy it. Let conservatory be place of peace and relaxation. Let it take us into a world of plants where we will be enjoying it with body and soul.


Different materials are available for floors that can influence atmosphere with their colour and shape. A wooden floor or terracotta floor will ensure most natural feeling. We can lay stone plates or ceramic tiles. Idea of sandy floor is tempting but it can bring too much trouble. Although sand can be very beautiful, in particular, if we combine sand of different colours and sizes, small stones brought into house on shoes can damage house floor. Grass is also not suitable as it will not grow on walkways.

We can choose among light and dark colours of material. Dark floor will absorb more sunlight in wintertime and warm up consequentially more, which will influence energy consumption for heating. But in summer time dark floors can overheat air. More recommendable, especially for smaller conservatories, are floors in light colours which do not tend to overheat.


Sitting place is definitely among most important parts of conservatory. What is purpose of this green oasis if we can not sit comfortably and enjoy in view of plants? Before we start planning, we must decide what will the primary role of it be. If it would be place for relaxation, then we will need some comfortable chairs and coffee table. If we would like to have lunches and dinners with family, then we will need dinning table and chairs.

We must choose furniture that is made of more robust materials. Furniture will be exposed to sunlight and higher humidity, therefore it must be more lasting. Garden furniture is most lasting as it is made to resist all types of weather.

Any furniture can and should be rounded by plants. Sitting corner should have higher plants in the back and smaller plants in the front. This will provide us with intimate feeling.


Sun is primary source of light during day. As conservatory is very bright, it does not need artificial lightning until sunset.

We can decide for flat lighting. One strong light is positioned on ceiling, that is lighting up the entire place or we can position smaller direct lights between ceiling and walls. Such lighting is strong and does not offer any intimacy.

Better choice is to place lights among individual plants. If lights are turned upwards, plants will be seen in completely new way. We can light single plants with narrow beam lights under ceiling. This will make more romantic feeling and sitting will be lovely experience.