Japanese conservatory

Type: cold.

Japanese conservatory is a place of peace and tranquillity with invitation to meditation constantly hanging in the air. It is dominated by natural materials and green shades. Liquid water is a part of Japanese culture, so do not forget the small well or pond. Maples, azaleas and bamboos are plants with the most important role in the garden.

All furniture must be in Japanese style. The best choice is furniture made out of wood. Also some typical elements of Japanese gardens such as stone lamps, stones and statuettes should find their place.

Each garden element, whether it be a stone lamp or flowering azalea, should have its exact location. When designing Japanese conservatory we should work by principles of feng shui.

Selected plants for Japanese conservatory: different types of bamboo, dwarf and low-growing maples (Acer sp.), azaleas (Rhododendron sp.), camellia (Camellia sp.), gold dust plant (Aucubacuba japonica), Japanese aralia (Fatsia japonica).