Floral conservatory

Type: moderate.

If we love flowers, then we should decide for floral conservatory. It is dominated by flowering plants which are accompanied by plants with interesting leaves.

We can plant a variety of flowering plants, from perennials to small flowering shrubs and dwarf trees. Selection of plants is a large, both in terms of colour, as well as in form of flowers. To make conservatory colourful and attractive, we will need a great sense of colour and design. Speciality of floral conservatory is pleasant scent emitted by flowers. If the smell is too intense, it may cause problems.

Flowering plants in conservatory

Furniture should usually be adjusted to plants but in floral conservatory it is just the opposite. Here plants should be adapted to the furniture. As a rule, in the floral conservatory work best furniture of clean modern shapes. However, you can also use a other styles of furniture.

Floral conservatory can be used as a place for winter rest for those house-plants that need lower temperatures in the winter.