Dry or desert conservatory

Type: cold.

Dry or desert conservatory is designed for plants that grow in arid and semi-arid areas like cacti and succulents. These plants are very robust and durable and do not require a lot of care. They are suitable especially for those who do not have the will or the time to pay attention to the plants every day.

Dry or desert conservatory

Cacti and other succulents must defend themselves against sunshine, water shortages, excessive evaporation and animals in their natural environment. Therefore, they have developed various ways of defence, such as spines, thorns and thick skin. These plants are therefore especially dangerous for young children. Also working with them can be very painful if we are not careful enough and use proper tools.

For cacti and succulents must be used specific soil, which drains well. We can put light sand on top of the soil to make more desert effect. Stones of different shapes and old dried wood may be placed among plants.

Desert conservatory

Furniture should be in the colonial style. We may also use sofa of clean lines which we cover with canvas.

Selected plants for dry or desert conservatory:

  • agave (Agave americana),
  • aloe (Aloe sp.),
  • Various high-growth spurges (Euphorbia sp.),
  • cactuses,
  • yucca (Yucca sp.),
  • stonecrops (Sedum sp.),
  • prickly pear cactus (Opuntia sp.).