Botanical garden Berlin - ConservatoryConservatory is a plant paradise in the house. A nice warm atmosphere, which is caused by the warm sun rays that penetrate through the glass surfaces, allow plants to grow in the cold months of the year. Typically, conservatories are planted with plants that do not grow in our environment. In conservatories can be grown Mediterranean and tropical fruits such as lemon, orange, kiwi, papaya, pomegranate and more. The main aim of the conservatory is that we can enjoy in it when the weather prevents us of being outside in garden or nature.

Conservatory is usually part of the house. Metal or wooden structure carries three walls and a roof which are made of glass panels and windows. The fourth wall is part of a house or is an open passage into the interior.

Conservatory can be an extension of the living room. We can set a sofa or dining table in it to have meals in cold winter surrounded with tropical plants. Relaxing in the gloomy autumn or winter days in the middle of lush colourful plants has positive impact on all members of the household.